Security Guards

We are a state licensed security guard provider who specializes in protecting cannabis affiliated facilities and operations.


Armed Transport Services for Cash and Product

We provide “state compliant” armed transport services for cash and product for all types of cannabis products. Our transport vehicles are equipped with GPS and video cameras, both of which are accessible for client view via a secured app.


Security Planning and Consulting

We develop customized security plans based on specific client desires, business needs, and the local and state compliance requirements.


Comprehensive Cannabis Compliance Services

  • Cash transport
  • Physical security design
  • Compliance and regulation
  • Law enforcement liaison services
  • Arm secure transport
  • Physical high-end security services
  • Real-time GPS and real-time video
  • 4/20 compliant

If you have any issues related to our security compliance services or you’re not satisfied with our services, call us or send an email at We’ll try our best to resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

You can schedule a face-to-face consultation as well! Call us now!


Why You Should Choose CSG

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Industry experts and worked for one of the top facilities in the country
  • More customer focused than product based
  • Do liaisons with law enforcement – Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC)
  • Fully vetted, credited and licensed to provide security and knowledge about the business
  • Necessary paperwork handled

Our Memberships

  • California NORML
  • National Cannabis Industry Association
  • Cannabis Business Executive (CBE)
  • California Cannabis Industry Association